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Click on image Part # Model Description Handed
TR001 TR2/3 Inner sill assy
TR002 TS4002 - TS60000 Outer sill - rocker
TR003 TR2 TR3 TR3A Floor panel
TR004 TR2-3A to TS60000 Trunk floor
TR005 TR4A-TR6 Bracket lower A arm support
TR006 TR4A-TR6 Gusset set for bracket lower A arm support
TR007 TR2- TR3A Floor to chassis mount bracket
TR008 TR4 TR6 Master cylinder mount bracket
TR009 TR3A  TS60000 on Outer sill - rocker
TR010 TR3A  TS60000 on Trunk floor
TR011 TR2 TR3 TR3A Lower front fender repair
TR012 TR4-6 Rear suspension Koni conversion brackets
TR013 TR6 Radiator protection shield
TR014 TR2,TR3 TR3A Battery box
TR015 TR2,TR3 TR3A Rear body closing panel
TR016 TR2,TR3 TR3A Rear body mounting bracket - to chassis
TR017 TR2,TR3 TR3A Hinge pillar assembly
TR017C TR2,TR3 TR3A Hinge pillar Check Strap Bracket
TR018   1/4" caged nut - nut & retainer
TR019 TR6 Front inner splash panel
TR020 TR2,TR3 TR3A Front inner wheel arch mount
TR021 TR2,TR3 TR3A Box insert in front wheel arch
TR022 TR2,TR3 TR3A Lower rear inner panel pressing
TR023 TR2,TR3 TR3A Rear inner side panel pressing
TR024P TR2,TR3 TR3A Seat base pan ( for pivoted back )
TR024F TR2,TR3 TR3A Seat base pan ( for fixed back )
TR025P TR2,TR3 TR3A Seat back ( pivoted )
TR025F TR2,TR3 TR3A Seat back (fixed - to be welded to TR024F )
TR026F TR2,TR3 TR3A Seat back & base ( fixed - welded together )
TR027 TR2,TR3  Boot floor side extension - for early boot floor
TR028 TR3 TR3A Brake and Clutch master cylinder mount bracket


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Last modified: 28-Apr-2017