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On this page you'll find photo's and comments from our MG customers who have fitted our parts in their restorations. If you have photo's of our parts in your restoration and would like to share your journey with us, we'd love to hear from you.


Matthew Randell - MGA

Jeff Wicks - MGA



Matthew Randell - MGA - Australia

Matts MGA restoration is on Utube

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Jeff Wicks - MGA - Australia

Hi Greg

 Trust you are well. After 34 years of ownership, the last 32 years in storage, the MGA Deluxe is finally back on the road.

Thanks again to you and your team at Kilmartins for your contribution to make the result possible.






Hi Greg

Further to your request for photos, it has taken way longer than planned. Here is some background on the car and I’ll aim to forward some panel shop photos as well. 




1960 MGA 1600 Deluxe 171 BXW 

The MGA Twin Cam was developed as a competition version of the MGA but the factory struggled to resolve engine issues at the time. A total of 2,111 Twin Cams were produced before the model was discontinued in 1960.

The factory then used the remaining Twin Cam chasses as the basis of a model rather clumsily called the “MGA 1600 with optional road speed tyres and four wheel disc brakes all round“ presumably to avoid any homologation issues for a limited production model in competition use.

Over time these cars became known as MGA Deluxe. A common misconception is that all Deluxes were Mk IIs. Of the total production of 395 Deluxes 82 were, in fact, Mark I 1600 Deluxes. 

The model was (and is) ideal for competition with the four wheel Dunlop disc brakes and centre-lock wheels of the Twin Cam. The early cars also used Twin Cam body components such as removable wheel arch panels.

The model enjoyed a successful competition history with two factory rally cars, including the very successful 151 ABL and five Sebring cars – two for the 1961 race, including *44 the class winner (now owned by Ian Prior), and three for the 1962 race. All these factory competition cars have survived.

There are only seven known Deluxes in Australia – two each VIC, WA & NSW and one in QLD.

This car came off the production line in 1960 and was sold by University Motors of Piccadilly London in 1961.  During the next 19 years it passed through the hands of seven owners mostly in the south of England.  The car was purchased near Southampton in September 1980 (when we lived in London) fitted with an MGB 3 BRG engine but with the original engine as a spare.  The car was tired but made roadworthy and driven for the next 15 or so months in the UK. 

The car was relocated with us back to Melbourne in late 1981 and placed in storage where it remained when we moved to Hong Kong in 1986. A restoration by remote control was attempted in the early 1990s but never completed.

Following our return to Australia in 2012 the car underwent a full nut and bolt rebuild with JH Classics looking after the chassis and bodywork and Dan Casey undertaking the re-assembly. The car only survives because of the ready availability of replacement parts, the willingness of MGCC members to share their knowledge and the expertise, experience and commitment of Dan Casey in bringing it all together.








We invite all of our customers to share photo's and experiences of their restoration journey by sending them in to us at




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