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Click on image Part # Description Model Handed


MGA101 Inner sill All Yes
MGA102 Rocker panel - outer sill All Yes
MGA103 Door hinge pillar - A pillar All Yes
MGA104 Door shut pillar - B pillar Roadster Yes
MGA105 Sill plate -  chassis cover strip All Yes
MGA106 Rear guard ( fender) repair - dogleg All Yes
MGA107 Front guard ( fender ) repair lower All Yes
MGA107T Front guard ( fender ) repair lower - Tall All Yes
MGA108 Inner rear side repair - behind B pillar Roadster Yes
MGA109 Radiator duct panel All - except twin cam
MGA109 Twin Cam Radiator duct panel Twin cam
MGA110 Boot ( trunk ) floor repair All
MGA110L Boot ( trunk ) floor repair - includes rear top hat sect. All  
MGA111 Door shut pillar cover Roadster Yes
MGA112 Door shut pillar cover Coupe Yes
MGA113 Carburettor heat shield - c/w fiberglass matting fitted All  
MGA114 License plate main bracket All
MGA115 Lamp bracket All  
MGA116 License plate backing - long ( English style ) All  
MGA117 Blanking plate heater All
MGA118 Seat runner ( galvanised ) All  
MGA120 Chassis extension All
MGA121 Inner sill backing - 3 piece All Yes
MGA122 Front inner splash plate All Yes
MGA123 Rear splash plate All Yes
MGA124 Rear of rear splash plate All Yes
MGA125 Radiator support bracket ( c/w duct tube ) All Yes
MGA125T Radiator support bracket ( c/w duct tube ) - Twin Cam Twin Cam Yes
MGA126 Battery cover panel All
MGA127 Chassis extension bracket All Yes
MGA128B Battery carrier frame-base frame only(no stays) All No
MGA128R Battery carrier frame All Yes
MGA129 Tapped hinge pillar block ( A pillar ) All No
MGA130 Tapped shut pillar block ( B pillar ) - Roadster All No
MGA131 Louvred panel in front inner wheelarch Twin cam Yes
MGA132 Bonnet ( hood ) locking platform All
MGA133 Shutpillar ( B pillar ) - Coupe Coupe Yes
MGA134 Dash support set   ( 4 ) All No
MGA135 Rear of rear inner side panel All Yes
MGA136 Pressed panel adjacent to battery cover All Yes
MGA137 Door buffer tapped plate All No
MGA138 Front bulkhead panel All except Twin cam & MK II deluxe
MGA138A Front bulkhead panel - horizontal section only All except Twin cam & MK II deluxe
MGA139 Door shut cover piece - let in on top edge Roadster MK II Yes
MGA140 Rear vertical bulkhead panel All except 1600 coupe
MGA140C Rear vertical bulkhead panel - Coupe All
MGA141 Door stiffener set All No
MGA142 Front skirt panel All
MGA143 Shroud support stiffener channel 4' long All No
MGA144 Inner guard gusset for radiator duct All
MGA145 Front guard inner mount plate assy. All Yes
MGA146 Brakeline mount - to RH battery carrier All No
MGA147 Hinge pillar - bottom repair section only All Yes
MGA148 Door shut pillar - bottom repair section only All Yes
MGA149 Repair panel, rear deck ( shroud ) All
MGA150 Front flat piece of inner guard side c/w captive nuts All
  MGA151 Radio blank plate ....bare.... no chromed MG logo All
MGA152 Air vent scoop - front shroud, left and right hand each All
MGA153 Boot lid gutter channel repair kit - 4 corners 4 straights All
MGA154 Intermediate flat piece of inner front guard c/w captive nuts All
MGA155 Hinge pillar area of inner front guard All
  MGA156 Body mount bracket ( on radiator duct ) All
MGA157 Body mount bracket ( near hinge pillar ) All
MGA158 Body mount bracket ( near shut pillar ) All
MGA159 Chassis footwell aluminium cover plate All
MGA160 Seal fuel tube on boot floor All
MGA161 5/16" UNF weld nut/plate assy - 2 flat sides on nut All
MGA162 Door latch tapped backing plate Coupe



MGB100L Floor panel MK I Yes
MGB100R Floor panel MK I Yes
MGB101L Floor panel MK II Yes
MGB101R Floor panel MK II Yes
MGB102 Dogleg panel All Yes
MGB104 Radiator duct panel Chrome bumper cars


MGB105 Lower front guard ( fender ) repair All Yes
MGB108 Shut pillar panel - B pillar MK I pull out door handle Yes
MGB109 Front inner splash panel Rivet style Yes
MGB110 Front guard ( fender ) headlight backing ring All
MGB112 Jacking bracket All
MGB113 Battery clamp   All
MGB118 Seat runner ( galvanised ) All
MGB119 Outer trunk floor corner section All Yes
MGB120 Support panel - for radiator duct Chrome bumper cars


MGB121 Inner sill membrane All Yes
MGB122 Accelerator pivot bracket All  
MGB123 Battery hold down "J" bolts All
MGB124 Heater blanking plate All
MGB125 Battery cover panel Chrome bumper cars
MGB126 Heater blank disc on firewall All  
MGB127 Inner splash panel - Push on seal type All Yes
MGB129 Manifold to fuel hose zinc plated clamp - 1962 - 1970 1962- 1970
MGB130L  Dashtop conversion panel ( Long vents )    
MGB130S  Dashtop conversion panel ( Short vents )    
MGB131  Dashtop conversion corner gusset Yes
MGB132 Dashtop conversion centre gusset     
MGB133 Late model steering cone outer piece
MGB134 Rear hood ( soft top ) anchor bar
MGB135 Tapping plate hinge to body - 2 per hinge All
  MGB150 Radio blank plate


MGTC101 Front engine bearer plate All
MGTC102L Door side ( Front quarter panel ) All Yes
MGTC103 Radiator cradle All
MGTC104 Support TC Firewall All Yes

MGTC105 Master cylinder cover plate All
MGTC106 Front license plate backing ( English style ) All
MGTC107 Rear quarter panel left and right All Yes

MGTC108 Fuel tank strap All
MGTC109 Side curtain compartment All Yes
MGTC110L Rear inner wheel arch All Yes
MGTC111 Front body mount bracket - to outside of chassis rail All  
MGTC112 Rear body mount bracket - to outside of chassis rail All  
MGTC113 Sleeve for seat back hinge All No
MGTC114 Door pillar bracket All


MGTC115 Lid tool box - 3 sections All
MGTC116 Body angle frame All Yes
MGTC117 Rear license plate backing All
MGTC118 Master cylinder heat shield - bare All
MGTC118F Master cylinder heat shield - c/w fibregass matting All
MGTC119 Battery cover    All
MGTC120 Battery/tool box assembly complete with lids & catches All  
MGTC121 Battery box & lid All
MGTC122 Door hinge strengthener All Yes
MGTC123 Radiator core side frames All Yes
MGTC124 Steering column mount bracket All  
MGTC125  Rear number plate backing mounting bracket All
MGTC126  Running board All Yes
MGTC127  Rear panel between rear qtr panels All
Tie bracket for headlamp mounting bracket
MGTC129 Headlight mounting bracket 2 per car All No
MGTC130 Rear cylinder head cover plate TC,TD,TF
MGTC131 Nut & bolt set headlamp bracket - polished stainless steel Made to order All
MGTC132 Rear axle bearing housing                                           Made to order All
MGTC133 Nut & bolt set headlamp bracket - un-plated mild steel steel Made to order All
  MGTC134 Firewall / Foot panel All
  MGTC135 Steering column cover panel All
  MGTC136 Steering column cover panel backing ring All
MGTC137 "D" rivet nut - 1/4" BSF thread All
MGTC138 "D" rivet nut - 5/16" BSF thread All
MGTC139 Double sided rivet nut - 1/4" BSF thread All
  MGTC140 Seat back adjusting brackets All
  MGTC141 Tonneau rail All
  MGTC142 Rear Shock absorber mount plate All


MGTD101 Front quarter panel All Yes
MGTD103 Radiator cradle All
MGTD104 Passenger foot rest panel All
MGTD105 Rear body tie panel ( rear cross brace assembly ) All
MGTD115 Hinged tool box lid - 3 sections All
MGTD116 Front engine bearer plate All
MGTD117 Door Frame Strengthener All Yes
MGTD118 Side screen compartment All  


MGTF101 Front quarter panel All Yes
MGTF102 Bottom plate radiator All
MGTF103 Radiator cradle All
MGTF104L Side panel - bonnet ( hood ) All Yes
MGTF104R Side panel - bonnet ( hood ) All Yes
MGTF105 Radiator side panel  All
MGTF106 Front splash apron All
MGTF107 Louvred panel - fits in side panel All  
  MGTF108 Rear Quarter Panel with Inner Guard All Yes
MGTF110 Rear body tie panel ( rear cross brace assembly ) All
MGTF111 Rear panel ( between quarters ) All
MGTF112 Battery box     All
MGTF113 Dashboard instrument cluster panel All
MGTF114 Passenger foot rest panel All
MGTF115 Firewall / Foot panel All
MGTF 116 L&R seat frames as per original All Yes
MGTF117 Rear no. plate backing plate All
MGTF118 Rear no. plate light mounting brkt All
MGTF119 Rear no. plate backing mount bracket All
MGTF120 Bonnet side mounting bracket All


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