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Click on image  Part # Part Name  Handed 
  AH103S RH Front Chassis Outrigger No
AH104S LH Front Chassis Outrigger       No
AH106S Alloy Shut Plate Yes
AH107S Alloy Sill Yes
AH108S Alloy Boot Floor No
AH109S Alloy Cockpit Floor No
AH112S Shut Box No
AH116S Shock Plate Yes
AH122S Carburettor fuel bowl brackets (pair) No
AH124S Fuel tank retaining strap No
AH127 Chromed Ends for AH128 No
Leather strap assembly for bonnet
AH129S Alloy Sill Gusset Yes
AH130S Alloy Centre Rear Hoop Support No
AH134S Alloy Rear Hoop & Corner Brackets No
AH138S Alloy Full Rear Inner Side Panel Yes
AH140S Battery Tray Set - steel 16# No
AH142S1 Alloy Firewall - Full No
AH142S2 Alloy Firewall - blank (covers normal 100/4 firewall AH142) No
AH143S Fresh Air Box ( behind Firewall ) No
AH147S Rear Chassis Outrigger & Gusset Yes
AH149S Alloy Boot Box Yes
AH153S Bonnet Frame - punched and flared steel No
AH155S Alloy Door Frame Set Yes
AH159S Firewall Support Brace & Backing (steel, punched & flared) Yes
AH163S Bonnet Prop Rod No
AH167S Alloy Rear Vertical Cockpit Panel No
AH168S Alloy Tailshaft Tunnel No
AH172S Engine Mount Platform Yes
AH177S Alloy Hinge Pillar Brace Yes
AH178S Alloy Hinge Pillar Assembly Yes
AH180S Gearbox Mount No
AH181S Rear Shock Mount Plate & Gusset No
  AH185S Dashboard Panel No
AH191S Pedal Shaft - for RHD Clutch Pedal No
AH190S Seat Complete (steel) Yes
AH194S Alloy Diff Inspection Cover No
AH195S Alloy Hinge Pillar Inner Side Panel Yes
AH196AS Chassis Cruciform and Gussets No
AH198S Alloy Gearbox Aperture Panel No
AH255S Battery Master Switch Bracket - welds on No
AH414AS Steering Box Mount Gusset - early 100 type No
AH448S Punched And Flared Steel Bootlid Frame No
  AH466S Alloy Front Wheel Arch Assy - Handed L&R Yes
AH478S Dashboard end mount bracket Yes
AH491S Demister ducting tri box - attaches under scuttle top panel Yes
AH502S Alloy Spare Wheel Retaining Hoop No
AH506S Alloy Rear Bulkhead Panel - over rear axle No
AH512S Lower Radiator Support Bracket  
AH514S Chromed Bonnet Lock Assemblies            (car set) No
AH516S Handbrake mount bracket No
  AH530SLE LH Alloy Footwell - Battery Box & 2 Side Sections-6 piece - Early Yes
AH530SLL LH Alloy Footwell - Battery Box & 2 Side Sections-5 piece - Late type Yes
AH530SR Alloy RH Footwell Body Yes
AH539S Master Cylinder Mount Bracket No
AH541S Brake Pedal Pivot Bracket No
AH546S Shock Tower & Cone  Yes
AH576S Alloy Centre Cockpit Floor - adjacent to Tailshaft Tunnel No
AH596S Chassis complete ( Without bulkheads ) No
AH602SL Alloy LH Footwell Side Panel Yes
AH602SR Alloy RH Footwell Side Panel Yes
AH643S Handbrake support-balance lever -bolts to rear axle No
AH603S Alloy Panel Beside Diff Inspection Cover Yes
AH626S Steering column mount bracket to scuttle top - alloy Yes
AH700S Chromed Windscreen Filler Set - 4 piece brass, chromed No
AH901S Floor Mounting Strip Kit - steel 17 pieces No
AH902S Oil Cooler Line Mount Bracket No
AH903S Alloy Bumper Outrigger Blanking Plate- (pr. req'd per car) Yes
AH904S Alloy Rear Shroud Support Channel - Boot Hinge Reinforcement No
AH905S Rear Shroud Support - curved piece under top of Rear Shroud No
AH906S Alloy Rear Shroud Top Support Channel &Cnr Support Brackets No
AH907S Alloy Rear Gussets (pr. req'd per car) Yes
AH908S Front Jacking Mount (2 req'd per car ) No
AH909S Rear Jacking Mount  (2 req'd per car ) No
AH910S Oil Cooler Mount - (2 required) No
AH911S Front Inner Wheel Arch Mount - steel (2 req'd per car) No
AH912S Horn Mount Bracket (2 req'd per car) No
AH913S Wind Deflector Bracket (2 req'd per car) No
AH914S Alloy Air Vent (2 per car) on top of footwell No
AH915S Wishbone Mount Reinforcing Kit - 12 piece. No
AH916S RH Inner Sill Stay Bracket on RH rail No
AH917S Rear Bulkhead Steel Brkt Mounting Kit - 9 piece. No
AH918S Alloy Battery Box Cover Set - 3 Piece No
AH919S Air Deflector Panel & Duct Ring (2 req'd, LH&RH ) Yes
AH921S Rear vertical divider panel No
AH922S Rear vertical compartment panel - adjacent to divider panel No
AH923S Rear horizontal angle compartment panel No
AH924S Alloy Cold Air Box No
AH925S Windscreen fixing chromed plate ( 9 per car ) No
AH926S Fuel tank strap shoulder nut No
AH927S Brake connector bracket No
AH928S Tank strap washer - under rear jacking point No
AH929S Breather - differential and gearbox No
  AH930S Brake pedal shaft No
AH932S Brake pedal c/w bushes  


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AH530S L









AH147S L + R







Note- the Bonnet Prop Rod Retainer is supplied loose.


Our left hand shock tower as seen from the front.



AH178S Hinge Pillar Assembly

Bonnet Strap

AH153S 100S Bonnet Frame

AH924S Alloy Cold Air Box

AH127 Chromed ends for AH128

AH700S Chromed windscreen filler set chromed 4 piece


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